Gabion explores connections between headline and text styles. It is a result of very important learning process. Process of inconnectable dots, searching, learning and changing opinion every day and week. After that all I have a typeface that I would had never thought of drawing. Now I see new fields to explore and have experiences, material and thoughts to build on.

First sketches were all about exploration of writing tools, combining styles and seeing what could have been done

As I learnt, doing quick digitizations and seeing results quickly is a very effective way how to design. The sketch below is one of such digital sketches. I liked the way I could modulate the shape as well as I was interested how designed details disappear in smaller sizes. This gave first direction to what Gabion Text is today.

Sketch that gave put the first seed of Gabion in the ground and let it grow

First sketch that gave direction for Gabion headline style

I had some ideas on how to use Gabion as well I did have some design trying Gabion in different situations. I was curious how others will Gabion find like. How would they use it? What topic will they chose it for? And how will I feel about their designs? I sent it to few friends and I was happy with all of the reponses, though here are my two most favourite.

I love Tor 's design for a fictional architectural agency of my girlfriend.

And So-Hyun 's poster for a fictional event in Berlin shows great capability of So-Hyun as a designer while putting Gabion in a good light. Thanks!